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European Style Home Construction NY NJ CT Tri-State NYC Stucco Clay tile roofing

European Style Home Construction NY NJ CT Tri-State NYC Stucco Clay tile roofing

European Style Home Construction NY NJ CT Tri-State NYC Stucco Clay tile roofing

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European Style Home Construction NY NJ CT Tri-State NYC Stucco Clay tile roofing

Natural Slate Roofing

Euro-Tech Construction - Slate Roof Contractor, Installer

With over 25 years experience with natural Slate and Clay roofing products, Euro-Tech Construction is the area's top choice for Slate Roofing Installation.

Slate roofing, a natural product, with natural beauty. Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock, and as such, is naturally resistant to moisture intrusion untreated. This means frost and freezing will not damage slate roofing. Slate roofing has many other advantages too.

Other Natural Slate Roofing advantages:

  • Long Life: As a natural product, Slate Roofing can last between 80 and 120 years. Your properly installed slate roof should not need maintenance for as long as you own your home.

  • Slate Roofing is Very Cost Effective over the long run: While the initial cost of a Slate Roof may be 3 or more times higher than a high quality conventional asphalt roofing product, lasting only 25 years. A natural slate roof will return more on its investment, lasting more than 100 years.

  • Natural Beauty and Richness of Color: Slate Roof tiles come in a variety of colors, and can be custom cut to fit the character of your home. In addition, the size of the individual tiles lets the roof tiles follow the shape of the roof more easily. Smaller cut tiles conform to a tightly curved roof beautifully. Tile colors are a function of the slate itself, and do not fade over time. There is nothing more beautiful than a slate roof with many shapes and angles.

  • Natural Slate Roofing is a Green Product: Roofing Slate only needs to be cut to the required size for roof tiles. No chemicals are required for processing, or any coatings. Minimal energy is required to ready slate for roofing. Slate is the most environmentally friendly roofing product you can find! Reclaimed slate tiles are also available.

  • Great Insulating Properties: Slate roof tiles can help keep your home cool in summer, reducing your air conditioning costs. And because slate roofing tiles are thicker than asphalt roofing products, they also keep the winter cold out better. Slate roofing also is much more resistant to severe weather damage than most other roofing products.

  • Fire Protection: Slate Roofing can protect you from lightning strike related roof fires. Slate was once used as an insulator for high voltage switching components. Lightning can not burn through a slate roof, also a fire can not ignite slate, so a fire on the roof can not penetrate the roof.

Natural Slate Roofing is a wonderful product, and we would be honored to show you how this product can work for you.

Natural Slate Roofing Contractor Installer Tri-State New York & NYC & Li
Natural Slate Roofing Contractor and installer Tri-State New York & NYC
Slate Roofing Contractor - Installer Tri-State New York & NYC and Li

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